Meditsiinilised desinfekandid Haiglad
Dosaatorid Instrumentide desinfektsioon Jala seenhaiguse profülaktika Käte desinfektsioon Käte pesemine Naha antiseptika Nahahooldus Nõude pesemine ja desinfektsioon Pindade desinfektsioon Sanitaarruumid
Apteegid Hambaravikabinetid Hooldekodud Ilusalongid Puhastus- ja desovahendid Autohooldus Kauplused ja kontoriruumid Kodumajapidamine Koolid, lasteasutused Ujulad ja spordisaalid Toiduainetetööstus Toitlustusasutused

PHARMATECH produces and markets disinfecting and cleaning agents and products of special care. In addition to medical institutions, among our customers are also enterprises of food industries, cleaning companies, kindergartens, schools, sports centres and spas. 

PHARMATECH  offers its clients products that are safe for users and patients, as well as for medical instruments and the environment. Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our customers and to guarantee the constant development of the firm. Company produces and markets disinfecting and cleaning agents and specific treatment products in Baltic states and Russia regions.

This catalogue lists a complete series of disinfection products for medical institutions, including products for disinfection and protection of the hands and the skin, for disinfection and sterilisation of instruments, for disinfection of surfaces and products for patient care. 

The allergy provoking effect of the products has been minimised. None of the products contain carcinogenic substances. Disinfectants produced by PHARMATECH are appropriate to use on newborns and seniors.

PHARMATECH incorporates quality management systems in order to produce user, device and environment friendly products.


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